Monday, April 23, 2012

Hollywood Escapade

Hollywood - - the entertainment capital of the world, home of the stars, the walk of fame, land of dreams, and the infamous 50-foot Hollywood sign. Those are the things that come in our minds when we think about this place. For visitors like me who oftentimes gets to see it only in movies wouldn’t want to miss to stop by and take a glimpse of this famed landmark.

The Hollywood sign lies on Mount Lee which is the tallest peak in Los Angeles. For first timers, it wasn’t an easy path driving through the hills just to find a perfect view of the sign and as far as I can remember we did get lost for a bit. There’s no parking space close enough to the sign or maybe there is but we couldn’t find it. We decided to park in one of the neighborhoods there for the hopes of getting a better view but one owner asked us to leave. We finally found one spot and this is the closest and the best view we can get.

Seeing it in person was awe-inspiring, and I couldn’t believe I’ve actually stepped foot in the world’s movie capital. My husband and our friend who came with us also said it was kinda neat seeing it in the flesh.

Soon after adoring the Hollywood sign, we worked our way to the next tourist destination. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is another must-see attraction in the length of Hollywood Boulevard. Embraced with 18 blocks of shiny stars, I was thrilled to see those hands and footprints of the finest stars engraved on the sidewalks.

[ The Hollywood Walk of Fame ]

[ Santa Monica Beach ]

As we hit the road westbound to our last destination, we drove by Beverly Hills hoping to see a few famous personalities strolling around but unfortunately we didn’t. Our last stop was in Santa Monica Beach. I was very excited as we approached the beach and I couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of California sun by the beach, but alas, the entire place was covered with thick clouds and the wind was very chilly. The sudden change of weather was unexpected but that didn’t stop us from getting off the car and take some pictures. We didn’t get to walk around the pier because of the weather but the view of it from the seaside was breathtaking. It was an awesome experience and I will never get tired of wishing to see more of LA. 

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