Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAY is shockingly over

It's hard to believe how time flies. Today is the 31st of May and it seems like last week was just April. Anyway, today is a very lazy day and all I did was munching away with chips and salsa. What a way to end this month, right?! I am supposed to be watching my weight just because everybody thinks I'm getting fat! Well it’s fun to eat especially when everyday is like a feast day for me. 

So going back to chips and salsa...I tell you...this is addicting! I always opt for homemade salsa which I would make it myself rather than the store bought ones. I just don't like how they taste. This salsa tastes better and the tomatoes and all the ingredients are freshly prepared by, of course, yours truly. I used to have one favorite salsa that only Costco sells but since we never renewed our membership, there’s no way I could get a hold of it anymore…not unless we renew, right?! Lol! So I decided to make it myself even though the taste doesn't come as close to it but I still enjoy my very own salsa delight! 

 The Chips and the salsa ;)


This is another dip that goes perfect with the chips, omg! 


I’m trying to motivate myself to go on a diet but since I love snacking, I think (I guess) this snack wouldn’t be as bad as snacking on burgers and all that fattening stuff. 

Hope you guys are having a nice day ahead! 

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chrisair said...

actually I was one of the people that sad by ending of May, hindi pa ako ready sa pasukan

k@ye said...

Are you still in school Ms. chris?

Lhyzie said...

I actually like that junkfood and salsa. perfect! :)

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